Panasonic Cf-18-k Radio Programmer Laptop Toughbook Kenwood Motorola Icom Mk-4

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Product Attributes: brand=panasonic, model=cf-18 k, sku=5938140611912322, mpn=cf-18, types=radio laptop

PANASONIC CF-18 K Radio Laptop Description

Panasonic CF-18-K Radio Programmer Laptop Toughbook Kenwood Motorola Icom MK-4
Cf 18 K Mk 4 Panasonic Radio

Digitizer screen memory: 1, 536 MB ddr2 hard drive: 60 GB At Ode networking: gigabyte Ethernet, WiFi computer is fully operational, boots up fine with no problems. K: handheld radios such as Kenwood Th-f6, Th-f7, Th-g71, Th-K2, Th-K4, TKO-2100, TKO-2101, TKO-2102, TKO-2107, TKO-2118, TKO-2160, TKO-2201, TKO-2202, TKO-2206, TKO-2207, TKO-240, TKO-249, TKO-250, TKO-253, TKO-255, TKO-260, TKO-260g, TKO-270, TKO-270g, TKO-272, TKO-272g, TKO-273, TKO-278, TKO-278g, TKO-3100, TKO-3101, TKO-3102, TKO-3107, TKO-3118, TKO-3160, TKO-3201, TKO-3202, TKO-3206, TKO-3207, TKO-3300, TKO-340, TKO-349, TKO-350, TKO-353, TKO-355, TKO-360, TKO-360g, TKO-370, TKO-370g, TKO-372, TKO-373, TKO-373g, TKO-378, TKO-378g, TKO-430, TKO however since we are not the client of motorola under no legal obligation to remove, change or alter any software that may be on these computers. 5 Taft active matrix graphics processor wonderingly Gama 900video memory128 MB shared max. 5h weight unit 4.

Please note that motorola does not sell, transfer or give away its radio programming software and the use of registered trademark name in this description is for disclaimer purposes only. Motorola licenses its radio programming software to clients and its the clients responsibility remove said when disposing of their computers. 4 lbs from PANASONIC. 11b, Eire 802.

Pixing: PX-777, PX-666, PX-328, PX-888, PX-888K, PX-333, PX-325, PX-358, PX-359, PX-728, PX-555, PX-628 weirdie: ve-3288s, ve-3288d, ve-v1000, ve-v16, ve-3188 waxen sure com handheld radio: Kg-669, Kg-669 plus, Kg-uvd1p quenching: tag-uv2 Kaifeng: UV-5r series, bf-666s, bf-777s, bf-888s Tut: Th-uvf1, Th-f5, Th-f8i: radios such as icom ic-208e, ic-208h, ic-2100, ic-2720h, ic-2725e, ic-2800, ic-3fgx, ic-40s, ic-a110, ic-a23, ic-a24, ic-a24e, ic-a3, ic-a4, ic-a5, ic-a6, ic-a6e, ic-e208, ic-e7, ic-e90, ic-f10, ic-f1020, ic-f11, ic-f11s, ic-f12n, ic-f12sn, ic-f15, ic-f15s, ic-f1610n, ic-f20, ic-f21, ic-f21s, ic-f22, ic-f22s, ic-f22sr, ic-f25, ic-f25s, ic-f25sr, ic-f3, ic-f3gs, ic-f3gsn, ic-f3gt, ic-f3gtn, ic-f3s, ic-f3022tn, ic-f34gt, ic-f34gs, ic-f4, ic-f4gs, ic-f4gsn, ic-f4gsw, ic-f4gt, ic-f4gtn, ic-f4gtw, ic-f4s, ic-f4tr, ic-f4022t, ic-f4029sdr, ic-f43g, ic-f44gt, ic-f44gs, ic-f7000, ic-fr3100, ic-fr4100, ic-gm1600e, ic-m21, ic-m31, ic-m33, ic-m421, ic-m503, ic-m503e, ic-m505, ic-m601, ic-m603, ic-m71, ic-m90e, ic-p7a, ic-r10, ic-r2, ic-r20, ic-r3, ic-r5, ic-t2a, ic-t2h, ic-t3h, ic-t7a, ic-t7h, ic-t8a, ic-t81a, ic-t81e, ic-t90a, ic-v8000, ic-v8, ic-v8a, ic-w32a, ic-w32e. 11 bays1 x front accessible expansion slots total 1 PC card - type iii 2 I ii memory SD card interfaces 1 display video VGA 15 pin HD d-sub docking port replicator 80 hi-speed USB 4 a 1 network Ethernet 10base-t 100base-TX 1000base-t raj-45 modem phone line raj-11 audio line-out headphones mini-phone stereo 3. Other software on it includes, dos box, ms-office, adobe, electronic workbench and others. Ls, cdm1550.

5mm 1 x audio - line-in microphone mini-phone 3. Please note that many of the programs are dos-based and use dos-box to run. 5mm device Keyhole, administrator password, system hard drive moisture resistant, dust trusted platform module Tom compliant standards mil-std 810f, windows 7 ultimate Sp-1 Microsoft PX professional Sp-3 software included drivers utilities, adobe acrobat reader, ms office pro 2013, dos box, CPU speed ion, 6600 v Hz average run time3-4 hrs when new installed qty1 dimensions with x dun it 10.

This listing is for a PANASONIC toughbooK radio programming laptop tablet computer CF-18 and accessories:this includes the following 1- which loaded software on 60 GB HD. 5 GA x contact us if you have any questions on specific software. Ls without remote mount Kit installed pro3100, pro5100, pro7100 m10, m100, m200, m300, m400, m860, m1225 etc lcs2000K: TKO-7102 TKO-8102, TKO-7108 TKO-8108 TKO-740 TKO-840, TKO-750 TKO-850 TKO-705 TKO-805, TKO-709 TKO-809, TKO-706 TKO-806, TKO-706d TKO-806d TKO-752 TKO-852, TKO-759 TKO-859, TKO-940 TKO-941tK 840 TKO-940, TKO-841 TKO-941, TKO-715 TKO-815, TKO-705d TKO-805d, TKO-630 TKO-730 TKO-830 TKO-930, TKO-6110K, TKO-6110K2 series and many others. Processor: Intel Pentium m 1, 200 MHz, centring mobile technology screen size: 10.

Radios supported listed below. Your purchase will ship same or next business day after receipt of clear payment through Paypal. Manufacturer PANASONIC manufacturer part CF-18 mK-4 centring m 1, 200 misstate bus speed400 2 cache installed size1, 280 Bram dependable tablet storage hard drive 60 GB At 10. Y: handheld radios such as most types of yeas, vertex ft-10r, ft-40r, ft-50r, ft-60r.

11a, Eire there may be a very few minor scuffs and scratches typical of used unit. Realm: rpu416a, rpu499a plus, rpv516a, rpv599a plus and some types of Tut, quenching, pixing, Linton, waxen Kaifeng, most Chinese brand radios: Kat v6, UV-f89, uv501, K568, K8900, K6900, n8, n6. The computer was setup to largely support programming Kenwood radios but contains software for following radios: Kenwood, vertex, standard, yeas, Tait, icom, moto and others. This is from a radio service which has gone out of business.

Etc VAX-1r, VAX-10, VAX-110, VAX-130, VAX-131, VAX-132, VAX-14, VAX-150, VAX-151, VAX-152, VAX-160, VAX-17, VAX-180, VAX-2r, VAX-210, VAX-210a, VAX-3r, VAX-300, VAX compatible with vehicle mobile radios: raj-45 8 pin plug: Mixtec mobiles, metric dielectric sport base radius LTS TX mobiles gm300, gm140, gm160, gm338, gm340, gm350, gm360, gm380, gm600, gm640, gm660, gm950, gm1280 gr300, gr400, gr500, gr1225 mcx600, mcx760, mcx780 cdm750, cdm1250, cdm1550, cdm1550. Refer to screen shot photos for specifics on programs loaded 1- laptop battery tested oK holds charge batteries are non-warranted as they a consumable item. 41 lbs this laptops condition is excellent, and from a clean non-smoking environment. 11a b g wireless operating system: dual-boot Microsoft windows PX professional sp3 7 ultimate sp1.

8:1 USB programming cable array features:USB with 8 adapter connectors compatible the following radios: note: this is not an all-inclusive list. H: handheld radios such as Hoyt Tc-1600, Tc-2100, Tc-2108, Tc-2110, Tc-446, Tc-500, Tc-518, Tc-600, Tc-610, Tc-620, Tc-700, Tc-700explus. The computer is guaranteed not to be DOA and that at least majority of programming software was tried accessible appears in working order. Please Know what you're purchasing and ask any questions prior to bidding.

M: handheld radios such as motorola axu4100, axv5100, commander 245, cp040, cp125, cp140, cp150, cp160, cp180, cp185, cp200, cp340, cp360, cp380, ct150, ct250, ct450, ct450-ls, ep450, gp2000, gp2000s, gp2003, gp2100, gp308, gp3188, gp3688, gp3689, gp88s, p020, p030, p040, p080, pacer plus, pr400, pro2150, pro3150, Saks sp66, and vl130 etc. Resolution1024 x GA card adapter data Link , fast Ethernet, gigabyte Eire contains newer moto software including midrib, apex, and Astra 25. Knowledge working with dos and or dos-box is a plus as we can only provide limited technical support. Etc: handheld radios such as motorola mag one a8, a6, a10, bpr40, and mp300.

1- wireless mouse stylus 1- A/C power adapter laptop features: PANASONIC CF-18 K mK-4 dual boot tablet with windows PX sp3 OS 7 ultimate sp1. 1- 8:1 USB programming cable array 8 connector adapter ends. Etc Linton handheld radio: Lt-2288, Lt-3288, Lt-6288, Lt-5288, Lt-3188, Lt-2188, Lt-3260, Lt-2268, also contains a folder of service manuals, user manuals other documentation. Hoyt: Tc-268, Tc-268s, Tc-270, Tc-270s, Tc-368, Tc-368s, Tc-370, Tc-370s.

Please note that the screen shot photos of specific soft wares is just a cross-section software on laptop, and does not show every program loaded. Cable will work on many other models beyond what is listed.

PANASONIC CF-18 K Radio Laptop Specifications


  • brand: Panasonic
  • model: Cf-18 K
  • sku: 5938140611912322
  • mpn: Cf-18


  • types: Radio Laptop

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