88006651 Bellsouth Handheld Walkie Talkie Interphone 409mhz-410mhz T-388 22-ch

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Product Attributes: mpn=88006651, modified item=no, custom bundle=no, general=brand, bellsouth=model, t388=quantity, 2piece=color, black=material, abs=specification, frequency range=409mhz-410mhz, channel=22, frequency stability=2.5ppm, features=ctcss, output power=1w, working voltage=1.5v, working distance=0.5 1km, encryption=ctcss, battery capacity=nomah, standby time=48hour, working time=15hour, other features=other features, sku=3756073180948283, types=handheld

88006651 Handheld Description

88006651 Bellsouth Handheld Walkie Talkie Interphone 409MHZ-410MHZ T-388 22-CH
88006651 Bellsouth Handheld Walkie Talkie

17 x length: 1. The civil walkie talkie is wireless communicating equipment approved by country and can be used without license. Thank you for shopping with us. After a period of time, my radio works well, but no sound from earpiece.

Squeaking: its normal that squeaking may be heard on the channel when two radios is several meters near or closer. Why I can't hear from the earphone when indicators flash green. There may be poor contact between and jack. If you dont t like this, may switch to another channel. 51 x height : the civil walkie talkie features a small volume, varied of colors and low price, is suitable for individual business trip, travel hotel use.

If so, please return the radio to your HQ authorized dealer for maintenance. 17 in x solutions to FAQs when trying the radio frequency interference: voices from other group or broadcasting stations are heard on channel. 5-1w, their power ranges are 400-480mhz. Why my voice received is low. Please check if the mic blocked by something.

Return the radio to your HQ authorized dealer for maintenance as early possible. Also this walkie talkie is usually a short communicating distance. Why couldn t I communicate with other group members. First, please verify that the frequency point and ctcss you are using same as those of your members. What should I do, if the radio is dropped into water. Take out of water and remove battery as quick possible.

Three methods are available: 1 change channel 2 set CDC ctcss or datum code 3 lower the squelch level. Short distance: if there is difference between required communication distance and practical distance, the can be realized through adjustment of radio RF power or squelch level. Under such condition, please adjust squelch level or cancel CDC ctcss code to improve it. Please check if the battery contact is out of shape.

Users can adjust the volume to improve it. 5/1 km encryption ctcss battery capacity nomah standby time 48hour working 15hour other features product uses 4 x AAA batteries not included dimensions weight the socket inside radio has been damaged. Swing the water out of radio and put at a dry ventilated place. Please return the radio to your HQ authorized dealer for maintenance.

Please pull out the earphone and plug in again. At the same time, you also need to change ctcss for all radios in your group. 5v working distance 0. Intermittent voice: voice is often heard in critical distance during radio communication.

38 x weight: 5. Or make sure the switch is not loosened. Also please check the antenna socket is not damaged or loosened. It says all.

5 cm weight. If the channel frequency and ctcss are same, please verify that your group members within radio communication range. Why is the radio communication range shorter than before and sensitivity becomes poorer. Please check antenna make sure it a good one. Best pricing fast shipping high quality.

Why the radios transmit only. Check if Pitt is blocked with something. Or, a repeater is suggested added to improve the communication I can't turn on radio and even it turned on, often shuts off automatically. 38 in 14 cm x 5. 71 shipping payment return feedback 100% satisfied customers.

Why can I hear the voice from other groups. Please change your ctcss for channel. 71 oz 162 g package includes 2 x 5km handheld two-way radio walkie talkie t users manual extra info FAQ 1. Best pricing shipping high quality blue engines and supplies, inc we can give commercial invoice - demos DAR factory commercial just request it solo solicits details civil walkie talkie refers to those talkies that their transmit power is make sure the volume turned. Features new and high quality channel scan lock spl mic socket charge jack automatic squelch battery save built-in flashlight selective channels LCD back lit display auto page tone alert low specifications general brand bellsouth model t388 quantity 2 piece color black material abs specification frequency range 409mhz-410mhz 22 stability 5ppm output power 1w working voltage 1.

There should be slight Dada at the pressing of Pitt.

88006651 Handheld Specifications


  • mpn: 88006651
  • sku: 3756073180948283


  • modified item: No
  • custom bundle: No
  • general: Brand
  • bellsouth: Model
  • t388: Quantity
  • 2piece: Color
  • black: Material
  • abs: Specification
  • frequency range: 409mhz-410mhz
  • channel: 22
  • frequency stability: 2.5ppm
  • features: Ctcss
  • output power: 1w
  • working voltage: 1.5v
  • working distance: 0.5 1km
  • encryption: Ctcss
  • battery capacity: Nomah
  • standby time: 48hour
  • working time: 15hour
  • other features: Other Features
  • types: Handheld


  • cost: $0.0
  • handling: 1 days
  • to: Worldwide
  • type: Flat

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